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Citizen's Information website

UX Case study proposal

Problem Statement

"Current site is very text heavy, information is not presented in laymen's terms causing some users difficulty in understanding the information presented on a topic. The law jargon leaves people confused and therefore the site is not fit for purpose which is to help advise the public."

Further Recommendations - None at present, research ongoing.


Initial Observations

This website provides an essential information service to the people of Ireland provided by the government.

People seek clarification on employment issues, Money advice, accessibility information etc. The mandate of the Citizens information site gives a definitive overview of the services provided. The question is does the site engage the user, are they aware of the full services provided? Does the text heavy content weigh negatively on the user experience? Our user research will focus on the mobile version of the site.


User study Questions

  • Can the user access the information they require?

  • Can they navigate to the information, easily?

  • Can they navigate to the information, quickly?

  • Is the experience frustrating?

  • What steps does a user take if they cannot access information?

  • What is the quality of the information?

  • Is the information easily assimilated by the user?

  • What improvements could be made overall for the Mobile site?

user questions

Research Strategy

1. User Experience Site Evaluation

2. Survey to clarify user pain points and site issues

3. Creation of user personas

4. Storyboard a user journey that is representative of user experience

5. Present initial findings to stakeholders and discuss next steps

6. Basic Wireframe of potential solution for user testing focusing on one particular topic for quicker results

7. Remote testing, setting specific user tasks with a variety of user groups.

8. Feedback on 1st iteration and discussion with stakeholders

9. Second iteration and user feedback

10. Report of findings and recommendations for site improvement

11. Further study on implemented improvements

Research startegy

In a real world situation, I would gather all past user research and site information from company stakeholders for assessment to inform research strategy and approach.

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