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Working From Home

Case study proposal

Microsoft Teams, Slack and GSuite

Image by Jo Szczepanska

A global pandemic has really highlighted the need for great online communication. Current market providers like Microsoft Teams, Slack and GSuite provide an invaluable service however the question remains "Can current software replicate face to face communication effectively?" In my course work in DCU we were asked to "Critically review the literature on how individuals can lead virtual teams effectively.  What are the implications for designers of collaborative software?"

Litrature Review

The literature review raised questions for me in relation to how we naturally communicate we usually cannot see ourselves within an interaction. What part does our social zone play in terms of our level of comfort during a face to face interaction? Does seeing ourselves onscreen negatively impact on an online communication? How much does poor quality communication, lack of social cues and copresence affect current online interactions online in virtual teams?

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